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General consultation with a specialist. If this is not the time. The challenge is to identify complaints, symptoms of agranulocytosis and probable causes of the disorder. Antibody research. It consists in looking for autoimmune structures that destroy healthy cells. Myelogram. It is used to assess the qualitative and quantitative composition of blood. In the analysis with agranulocytosis, a decrease in the number of neutrophils is observed.



But immature progenitor cells are abundantly present. General blood test. Laboratory data allows you to clarify the myelogram (count the number of leukocytes). Ultrasound of the digestive tract. It is important to track changes in the gastrointestinal tract. They, meanwhile, are almost always there.



At the very least, this is an enlargement of the liver. Radiography of the lungs. Assessment of the state of the oral cavity. For necrotic ulcers and other types of violations.


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Diagnostics should be carried out as quickly as possible, since the clock goes on. The methods depend on the underlying condition. It is necessary to eliminate the primary pathological process.


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Cytostatic agranulocytosis is treated with discontinuation of plaquenil drug that caused the disorder. Only then can symptomatic correction be carried out. To restore what was broken earlier. Haptenic agranulocytosis requires glucocorticoid intake. Among the names can be called Prednisolone or its more powerful analogues. Orally. The infectious form assumes that the patient is taking shock doses of antibiotics, antiviral and immunomodulators.



During the entire period of therapy, the person is in sterile conditions. In the hospital. Parenteral nutrition is introduced as needed. The patient must receive regular dental care. The doctor cleans, sanitizes the foci of necrosis.


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The patient remains in this mode until recovery. In general, it is negative. The lethality of the pathology is almost 80%. With treatment, this figure reaches 30% or less. But it's important to starttherapy as early as possible.



Mostly there are such complications: Peritonitis. Sepsis. Lung abscess. Purulent pneumonia. Mucosal necrosis.

Agranulocytosis is a serious illness. It must be treated immediately, in a hospital. The patient's survival prospects depend on this. See what "Agranulocytosis" is in other dictionaries:


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Immune agranulocytosis develops as a result of the death of mature granulocytes under the influence of antibodies. Precursor cells of neutrophils are found in the blood, which indicates the stimulation of the formation of these cells and confirms the diagnosis.

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The death of a huge number of granulocytes leads to poisoning of the body and the appearance of plaquenil of intoxication syndrome, which are often accompanied by the symptoms of the underlying disease.

Myelotoxic agranulocytosis is a consequence of radiation or cytotoxic therapy, under the influence of which the growth of granulocyte progenitor cells in the bone marrow is suppressed.

With myelotoxic endogenous agranulocytosis, the formation of blood cells in the red bone marrow by tumor toxins is suppressed. Gradually, bone marrow cells are replaced by cancerous ones.

The exogenous form of pathology is a symptom of a serious illness, the cause of which is the negative influence of external factors. Bone marrow cells multiply intensively and are highly sensitive to any negative environmental influences.

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